Most Popular Travel Gifts

Most Popular Travel Giftsback

– Universal travel chargers are essential for travelers and make an ideal practical corporate gift idea.

– These will ensure your mobile devices and other electronics devices can be powered up or recharged where ever in the world you are.

– We currently have over 10 design variations of these product. So just let us know you are interested and we will give you a quotation with the latest designs that are available for you.

– We all have that unpleasant experience. Traveling half way round the world from Singapore, to the most exotic of locations, staying there in the finest of 5-star hotels and then just when you reach out to plug in your mobile phone charger, you realize that the wall socket looks like something out of a science fiction movie from the future.

– So you decide to proceed to try and force and jam your charger into the wall using all manner of things you can find in the room including but not limited to utensils, chopsticks, toothpicks, hotel pen/pencil and finally give up. This is when you call room service and they politely tell you that that they have run our of adapters for you to use!

– If only you had one of these nifty travel adapters from Corporate Gifts Guru, Singapore! Our travel adapters will work where ever life takes you and come with our iron-clad 1-year product guarantee!

– Contact us now to order some for your clients today! Logo printing is available as well.